Artist´s Statement:

Painting with glass is similar to drawing ... it is like the first kiss:quiet, clean, light and it carries within the deepest emotions.
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Passion for Glass

I am grateful today for my glass 

Glass brings soul in my house and into my life, so many friends coming so far away to share their passion for glass with us ♥. My life feels so rich since I am working with glass.

This recipe (sorry, it is in german, please use the translator)  is for K., she came today a long way from California to say Hello to my Glass and to me. She was reading my blog for some years now and wanted to take a look to my studio. Isn´t this amazing?

270 g Mehl | 120 g Zucker | Vanille | 220 - 230 ml Milch | 60 g Butter | 3 TL Backpulver | Prise Salz
Alles mischen und 1/2 Teig in einer Springform bei 200 ° C Ober-Unterhitze 7 - 10 Min. vorbacken
500 g halbierte Pflaumen | Den Rest Teig
mit Mandelblättchen bestreuen 
und 17 - 20 Min (gerne auch 5 Min mehr ... je nach Backofen) fertigbacken
Mit Puderzucker bestreuen

We had plumcake and limonade, shared our love for glass and promised to see again in two years or so.

Yay, passion for glass is bringing joy and love into my life and I am grateful for amazing moments shared with friends.

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