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Painting with glass is similar to drawing ... it is like the first kiss:quiet, clean, light and it carries within the deepest emotions.
If you like glass, you will love beads, and if you love beads .... hope you will love my Shop ♥


Friday Again • Und wieder Freitag

It´s Friday again, it is rainy again and cold here.
I don´t really like this time of the year but we are trying to still go a lot outside and have some walk on the beach, have some sports outside (we discovered these days the love for playing boules games in Lübeck and it is a lot of fun) and make it warm and cozy inside. 

Started to work again a lot for my last show this year (it will be at the end of november in Hamburg) but also updating my etsy shop with some beads ... like this one:

Floating in a turquoise green sea • Dancing under the moonlight sparkle

- in my ETSY shop -
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and have a good weekend my dear friends xxxox

2 Kommentare:

Els hat gesagt…

There are always whole WORLDS inside your beads, Manu ;-)

Have a nice (warm) weekend !

Manuela hat gesagt…

My dearest Els, sending a warm hug, have a wonderful october.

Thank you, your feedback is always appreciated,

♥ Manu