Artist´s Statement:

Painting with glass is similar to drawing ... it is like the first kiss:quiet, clean, light and it carries within the deepest emotions.
If you like glass, you will love beads, and if you love beads .... hope you will love my Shop ♥


Friday Thoughts

The lampwork world seems to wake up (not only Italy does it ☺):

There are a lot of discussions about copying work of other lampworker on Facebook.
I could tell you stories about, stories gathered over so many years but no, I won´t do it ... it made me somehow even smile thinking about that saying about people screaming loudest ☺.

I have decided some years ago to stop watching what others are doing and surround myself with good friends and smart people and everything that is good for me. 
And to tell you the truth ...  I believe in Karma, how people treat you is their karma, how you react is your choice. What goes around comes around ....

And talking about R O U N D, around and other stuff .... I will say it with a bead today:

Big Brother is Watching you  .... the small one is in my ETSY shop.

Wish you all a lovely weekend, we are going to have coffee with some friends and talk about our upcoming painting exhibit in august, see you ♥

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