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Painting with glass is similar to drawing ... it is like the first kiss:quiet, clean, light and it carries within the deepest emotions.
If you like glass, you will love beads, and if you love beads .... hope you will love my Shop ♥


Prince Charming and other stories

I cannot remember a year we had bear´s garlic growing so early in our garden.

Bear´s garlic, an ode to the  brown bear’s love of the plant and habit of digging up the bulbs, they know for sure what´s tasty; You can eat it on roasted bread or make garlic butter but my firm favourite thing to do with is to make wild garlic pesto.
It lasts for a good couple of months in the fridge
This year I tried the Pesto recipe from blogger friend Sandra We because she made it with roasted walnuts and here I am sharing it with you:

500 g Bears garlic, 500 ml Olive Oil, 200 g Parmegiano, 300 roasted Walnuts, 2 teaspoons salt and I have added some lemonjuice (our lemons are ripe yummm) and some Balsamico and Szechuan pepper, all blended and filled in jars with a teaspoon of olive oil on the top. Put it in your fridge and enjoy it with pasta .... mhmmmm
BärlauchPesto ... mhmmmm, Rezept von der lieben Sandra We:
500 g Bärlauch, 300 g Walnüsse, 200 g Parmegiano, 500 ml Olivenöl, Salz und ich habe es noch mit ein paaar Spritzer Zitronensaft, Szechuan Pfeffer und ein wenig Balsamico angereichert. Total lecke, dankeschön. 

And last but not least ... I had some fairytale fun at the torch with Rapunzel and her Prince Charming - here on ETSY for you ♥:

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