Artist´s Statement:

Painting with glass is similar to drawing ... it is like the first kiss:quiet, clean, light and it carries within the deepest emotions.
If you like glass, you will love beads, and if you love beads .... hope you will love my Shop ♥


The Sweet Scent of Lilac

Our old lilac bush died some years ago and last year we planted a new one.
It is starting blooming soon and I cannot await it.

I love that sweet scent of the flowers and soon I will want to cut them all and put them in vases ☺ (no, I won´t do that) but just snip a few and put them near my bed to smell them in the morning.

Just like Esmeralda the beautiful giraffe.

Spring is such a wonderful time of the year! Enjoy the growth and new life.

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Tatkis hat gesagt…

Oh I just love her! Charming giraffe :)